Things are getting busy…

Well I guess I should just jump into this whole blogging thing with both feet and just DO IT!!

In preparation however find myself learning all I can about and the functionalities of its customizable options. I was challenged at first in deciding what layout and color scheme best represents ‘Me’. So I hope this first version of what I came up with is suitable and relevent.

The month of January flew by like the winds have this cold Canadian winter. Into February we begin and I have lots to accomplish before month’s end. The first chapter of my blog will include travel journals that I am to keep during my up coming travels to New Zealand and Australia. The following is a brief update of my background and scholarship goals.

As a very determined and enthusiastic young farmer I was thrilled and honored to have been named as one of three Canadian Nuffield Scholarship winners for 2011. My agricultural background was gained from working on a mixed family farm located near St.Vincent, AB. As the family grew our farm grew and in 2007 my 4 younger sisters and I helped our parents manage 7,000 acres of crop land and 4,000 head of cattle in our feedlot. I am proud to say that my passions belong to People and Agriculture. At the ripe age of 25 (haha) I have decided to commit my Nuffield study topic to encompass “Succession Planning and Diversification on the Family Farm”. Needless to say I have learned lots about estates and the roles of lawyers and accountants and executors and wills and probates and the list goes on. However I am determined to help improve this process for others so that they do not have to go through challenges that our family has. While dealing with estate matters and family drama, I grounded myself with developing relationships with other farmers in my area as I worked at Agland (our local John Deere dealership) as their AMS Specialist. It was there that I realized that there was a need for consultants in many areas to help all farming operations. From data management to agronomy to human resource management to financial planning. But the biggest gap I saw was Succession and everything about it!

I may write about a variety of things in posts yet to come; just know however that the fruits of life are all around us and we must be grateful. At the end of the day I want to make a difference and help inspire, motivate and educate all those around me. So stay tuned and it will be my pleasure to share a part of my story with you!


2 Comments on “Things are getting busy…

  1. I find it really awesome when I come across someone who’s as positive, as energetic and passionate about farming as I am. There isn’t enough of us around. When I was probably your age, now that’s making me sound really old, I thought the same thing. That being there was a need for consultants to help farmers. So I became one. But wow, I had no idea how naive I was when it comes to instigating change, and how it’s probably easier to pull teeth than it is to encourage someone to change, ’cause that’s what needs to happen in order for progress to be made.

    I strongly agree with you when you stated in an article that farming is fun, can be profitable and with many opportunities as long as you’re creative enough to make them work.

    It’s also cool to see that you’re traveling the world to experience and learn from others. I’ve found that to be more educational than any school can be. And my travels for the most part, never took me beyond Canada.

  2. Hi Leona, I’m a documentary television and film maker who just read the story in the Furrow myself and wanted to reach out about a new project I’m working on. If this sounds like something you might be interested in please get in touch!

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!
    – Matt

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