On My Way….

Ok so I must say that I am genuinely touched from all the messages I’ve received via facebook, email, blog comments, and phone calls. This was a result of our family’s feature article in The Furrow – a publication created by John Deere. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, from across the United States, farmers and non-farmers, for your very kind words of support, encouragements and blessings. I am humbled and confident that the future in agriculture has yet to play a larger more influential role in our communities and economy!

I titled this blog post ‘On my way’ because I am in fact in Phoenix, Arizona spending just over 24hrs with my beloved Pepere Dargis (Grandpa) before I jet to the southern hemisphere for 3 months. As we spend the day together, I admire every word of wisdom and shake my head when he thinks he’s ‘just so darn funny’ all the while smiling from ear to ear. There’s something to be said in spending time with our elders because you know what, they have lived in the past and for as long as they have healthy minds they truly have a countless number of inspiring stories to share. I think it is really too bad that WE do not take enough time to visit them and learn from them. Therefore, I have chosen to make a detour to the dessert to see my Pepere. I find it fascinating to hear about how farming was done back then, how the market place has changed and how far innovative technology has come in the past century. It makes me think of the next century. What will I see for change in my lifetime?! Pretty crazy but really cool stuff! One of the most valued lessons learned from Pepere and my parents is that accepting change and maybe having the opportunity to be a part of that change is a good thing. Not only farmers but business people need to learn to accept change in order to become truly entrepreneurial. Case in point the life of my Pepere, not only was he open-minded, he was a leader and advocated structural change within his community.

Now every time I think about my Pepere, I think of moments of story telling, or like the time we watched the super bowl together and he offer to make me a drink called the ‘Wall banger’! True story, I had no idea what the heck that even was and he thought we was so hip and cool! Or like today where we hung out in the Tempe Ball Stadium parking lot having heart to heart conversations about life and farming and such, sitting in a couple of lawn chairs having our own little private tailgate party. I found it to be simply PRICELESS and moments I will surely never forget!

I find that there is always something to be learned from the past and if I was to begin writing about the stories he’s shared with me I’m afraid I would eventually fall asleep on his laptop and drool everywhere… Well maybe not the drooling part. ; ) My message is this, we can not change the past, recognize the people who’ve truly lived in the past and try to understand the hardships that they have persevered through and let them know that they are loved and appreciated! Life will come to an inevitable end, so why not make the most of today?


4 Comments on “On My Way….

  1. Hey Leona,
    The blog looks great and I love reading the way you write. Glad you had such a rewarding experience stopping in to visit your Pepere… those moments are such treasures. What a great way to kick of this incredible journey! I’ll be watching and checking in often for updates of your adventure. Be safe, have fun and savor every single morsel of it!! ♥♥

  2. Hey Ona, Really enjoyable read! Good work =) Proud of you Boo! Travel safe and love & hugs! Talk soon =)

  3. Great start Ona. You inspire me everyday. Enjoy this part of your journey, its only going to get better. I believe that YOU are the change that agriculture needs. I’m very proud of you. xoxo

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