Made it to New Zealand!

Well I start today with a sigh of relief… It took me almost two full days to get here, to beautiful New Zealand! (although it has been dark so I have not gotten the chance to actually see the lush greenery that NZ has to offer,) Traveling  across the world would be incomplete if there wasn’t any challenges, right? Airport trouble to feeling the extremes of tiredness and plane sickness. I had to remind myself to stay focused on the goal, which would inevitably be getting to my final destination!

People watching the airport will forever fascinate me because you see all walks of life there! As I had quite long layovers in Vancouver and Sydney I tried to get as much time in to continue business as usual with my Social Networking! I am very appreciative that I had the chance to spend time with my beloved friends, the Bird family, in VAN.  The rest of the time was spend communicating to my family and ‘network’ of people via telephone conversations, texting, and the internet!

Speaking about my social network I was thrilled that I had the chance to watch the blockbuster movie “Social Network”. I have a friend who watched it said he didn’t really like it but then again he’s not a Facebooker so that kind of explains it. As for my review, I found to be an easy watch and interesting. It is only recently that I’ve changed my perception on the whole online strengths of networking and business/knowledge growth. Here I am blogging about how I think the future networks within any and ALL industries will continuously be influenced by the internet. So thins brings me to think from a home base and asking the question, “How can farms use the internet to further their farming operation?”

Think about that… not only is the internet a source of information, or an opportunity to develop support networks, or opening the markets for sales and promotion. What about agriculture, how is it going to influence how we do business and what can it offer us as a business advantage?

I will continue my thoughts and link some examples of farms who I think are doing such an amazing job with creating opportunities via the internet! Wish me luck at my first Nuffield International Contemporary Scholars Conference!


3 Comments on “Made it to New Zealand!

  1. Girl, you are an amazing ball of energy. Your journey is such an inspiration and I know your time & effort will affect change for every person whose life you touch. Keep rockin’ it like only you can do. Have fun and keep us all posted 🙂

  2. Hey Ona, Glad to see you’re safe & sound in NZ! Some great questions to ponder concerning the information super-highway and modern farming networking opportunities…Keep us posted and stay safe, miss you tons! Xoxox Carmen

  3. Hello from Manitoba. So it seems as I though I am not the only one that was touched by the story of your family in “The Furrow”. It was encouraging to hear about your family’s perseverance and love of farming. What a blessing it is to have a network around you for support and encouragement. I was drawn to your story because when I was 18, my father died, leaving me and my mother to manage the farm. That was 12 years ago this March so although your experience is much more recent and different in many ways, it brought back memories of the first few years. The reason why I am sending you a message is because when I read the names of your parents, something clicked in my mind, they sounded familiar. A few seconds later I realized, I met your dad in july of ’07. I bought his red and white cessna and flew it home to my farm in southwestern manitoba. From the little time that I met him, I knew that he was a man I could learn a lot from. So, I don’t know if you had a connection to that cessna or not but if you ever want to see it or talk about the challenges of transferring the farm because of a crisis, I would be available. Nevertheless, when I look at the log book for GWQP and see the name “J. Dargis” throughout its pages, i will think about your family.

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