Treasuring Friends of All Sorts

I feel so blessed to have as many great friends from around this wonderful world as I do. And for that I would like to dedicate this blog post to those I mention bellow.

New Friends

I can honestly say that I enjoy meeting new people and find it quite easy to make new friends. Discovering the thrill in blossoming relationships always comes as a surprise. It is certain that the global network within the Nuffield family is invaluable and the additional friends that I have made along the way are precious. At the end of the day it is all about having a great time and enjoying each other’s company.

Picture of some Nuffield friends as we adventured on a biking tour in Hanmer Springs, NZ.

Old Friends

‘Remember that time when we…?’ is always a sentence that brings back vivid memories; some may experience knee-slapping laughter while others cover their face as they blush in embarrassment. Reminiscing about our timelessly classic childhood memories to spontaneous adventures with friends are all stories sure to bring smiles all around. I had a blast in Auckland, NZ with Holly Brownlee and fiancé Mike Boulianne. Holly used to work with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) out of Winnipeg, Manitoba while I was a board member on the Canadian Young Farmers Forum (CYFF). A few years ago we used to continuously run into each other at conferences and tradeshows in Western Canada. Needless to say we became good friends and it was a sure thing that we would have fun no matter where we were. It was nice to see that we picked up right where we left off as we all enjoyed Thai and Mexican food, some singing and dancing, a day’s walk to a beautiful beach and a visit to the aquarium. Our last evening together was made even more memorable as Holly and I whipped a pavlova dessert by hand and endured the longest card game of Monopoly ever, and Mike still won! I wish them well in NZ over the next couple years and am confident that our golden day memories will be reflected upon again in the future as old friends.

Picture of Shark Attack with Mike & Holly.

Little Friends

I adore little people! I have so much fun with them and it is not uncommon to see one riding on my shoulders as another hangs onto my legs as we proceed to tackle the monster walk across the room. As a matter of fact, I quickly popular with three little girls a couple of weeks ago as I joined them outside to look for geckos, painted their tinny finger and toe nails with my bright pink nail polish and cooked a fresh batch of M&M cookies. I often am reminded about all the things we did as little girls growing up with mom and having five of us around definitely made for a house full. I try to make notes of all the simple things we used to do from cutting and eating our dinosaur shaped jello-jigglers to making homemade popsicles and from coloring our creative handmade crafts to dressing ourselves in fashionable sheet wear. All bring back good memories and most are with older cousins of mine. (Carmen & Maurice :)) The reason we had so much fun was because they loved to play with us. So I try to think proactively about this and choose to be that really fun big kid. The one who would help to lift us up at the playground to reach places we couldn’t have reach on our own as children and feel like we were on top of the world! (Aww Who am I kidding? I really just want to be a kid that never grows up!)

Picture of Aliyah and I goofin’ around at a store in Crookwell.

Special Friends

All friends are special because they are all individually unique. Some however are especially special because those are the ones you can look up to and count on. John Bennett for example is a class act. Not only has he helped guide and support my increasing involvement with the RASC but he is a true leader and inspires those around him. He is timid yet productive and confident yet very polite. It was my honor to have him join me for my first Sydney Opera House experience as we attended the Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto, The Last Romantic.

Picture of Sydney Orchestra in Concert Hall.

Picture of John & I at Bennelong, Sydney Opera House.

Best Friends

Good friends are hard to find. They are the ones you can talk to about anything, the ones that mysteriously know if there’s something wrong because they can see past your fake smile and the ones that always seem to give the best advice. I feel lucky to have a handful of best friends but because most of them are from Canada I am especially excited that one of them is here in Australia and her name is Alison McIntosh. Alison has become a best friend over the years as our friendship started in 2006 when she traveled to Calgary for an RASC conference. Since then we have traveled to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii and parts of Australia together. I must say that my funniest traveling stories are the ones that are with her. She is a farm girl inside and out but don’t let her entrepreneurial drive and likeable leadership skills distract you. I think best friends are best fit role models; they are the individuals that we look up to and aspire to be like in one way or another. I have treasured every moment with Alison and will most definitely look forward to a long lasting future of girly to business chats.

Picture of Alison – Friends are hard to find.

Is there such a thing as too many friends? I don’t think so because if there is at least one positive influence that can be passed on from one friend to another then I think it is all worthwhile. I believe that family is most important however a life without friends would be empty. It is easy for me to send postcards to my friends while I am away but when was the last time you did something special for one of your friends? I challenge you to make new friends. I encourage you to reconnect with an old friend. Don’t forget about the little ones, they are sure to be found at the playground. Send a surprise in the mail to a special friend and let your best friends know you appreciate them. A thoughtful gift is best, especially when it comes from the heart.


5 Comments on “Treasuring Friends of All Sorts

  1. Loving your blog… Very thought provoking and beautiful writing style! So glad you are enjoying your travels! x

  2. You lead a very interesting and exiting life. Your world advenures are memories for a lifetime keepsake. All the best to you and Happy travels.

  3. Leona,
    Thank you for making mention of my beautiful band of angel girls You were so kind to each of us. Coming to Ali’s that weekend was like drinking a cool drink on a boiling hot day. revitalizing, refreshing and renewing.
    In the short time I spent with you it was clear to me what a special friends you and Ali are to eachother, So glad you guys met and I had the chance to meet you.
    Good luck on your travels, your a sweetypie!


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