Dedication to Dad

I had a special encounter today and would like to share the story.

As I find myself at Agdays in Brandon, Manitoba I was somewhat nervous before my presentation to a growing crowd of about only 65 people. Once on stage however I enjoyed sharing my perspective on the how the next generation is going to change the world. I was excited to introduce the audience to my incredible friends from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, United Kingdom, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. (Just to name a few!) Everything went well and I was thrilled to catch up with Olds College friends and meet farm families who found my presentation inspirational. But the best surprise visit was from a young man by the name of Ryan. He waited quietly until I had finished speaking to the small mob of people around me and said “Leona I enjoyed your presentation and I wanted to let you know that I met your dad before he died.” My heart immediately jumped to my throat, I smiled and asked him how a young farmer from Manitoba crossed paths with my dad. He continued to say that when dad sold his Cessna plane in 2007 he was the one who purchased it. It was nice to put a face to a name from an email Ryan had sent to me after hearing about our family’s tragedy later that year.

We continued our conversation and I was most proud of the point that Ryan shared in vividly remembering how positively optimistic and encouraging dad was towards the future of our agricultural industry. It comforts me in hearing this because it is the same passion that I share and promote in all my keynote presentations. Life is once more what we make it. I am confident in the next generation and look forward to the innovative opportunities that have yet to come.

I feel privilege to meet individuals like Ryan who remind me of how lucky a truly am to have had parents who taught my sisters and I so much about life and in having the confidence in ourselves in being the people we aspire to be.

Here’s a dedication to my dad who knew how to make everyone around him feel special!


Olds College friends Andy and Sally!


4 Comments on “Dedication to Dad

  1. I love this Ona! What a positive impact you have on all who surround you. A gift that you don’t take for granted. Sounds like an awesome day and an awesome story!

  2. Leona, It is so wonderful that you are continuing to pass on your dad’s passion and ambitions about farming. It great to see someone from your generation that has the love of farming and love of the land that is so passionate and sincere. You have made a lot of friends and aquaintances that can help you along the way. I hope that you never lose your passion and zeal for farming because you are our future. Your dad truly did a wonderful job of bringing you and your sisters up to embrace your future in farming and to respect the land that is so precious.

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