Why Not!?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and write about something that intrigues me. What brought this to my attention was a quote from Actor Matt Damon in the 2011 comedy-drama movie ‘We bought a Zoo’. His character Benjamin Mee, a widowed father who is determined to run a zoo said to his children, “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage… And I promise you something great will come of it.”

Do you suppose we fully comprehend the meaning of all our actions? We must to a certain degree. But what about the times were we find ourselves doing things for no apparent reason? How do we justify the meanings of this?

Think back to something you’ve done recently just because you felt like it. Maybe it was an act of kindnes for a total stranger or for someone you care about or maybe it was something completely spontaneous you did by yourself or with friends. Now think about what lead you to make that decision? Was it for the sake of achievement, personal fulfillment, or was it emotional, to feel enthused or lively? Or maybe you’re not entirely sure because you simply thought to yourself, ‘Why Not!?’.

Some believe that things happen for a reason, I do, even if the outcomes could be something totally different then expected. Our inner drive sometimes compels us towards experiencing the thrills in unexpectedness. It is obvious that ‘thrill seekers’ know this best, yet I think that motivated individuals live the same way.

If you find yourself outside on a rainy day, why not splash in the puddles.
If it is a beautiful clear night, why not laydown and look at the stars.
If you are with a friend, why not make a funny face and be silly.
If you walk by a stranger, why not say hello.
If there is a charity event nearby, why not participate.
If you are on Facebook, why not write something nice.
If you want to be yourself, why not be honest.
If you have always wanted to travel, why not travel.
If we all have inspiring stories, why not share them.
If you are walking with a loved on, why not hold their hand.

If you have a dream, why not achieve it!

Why not say why not!? Accept the unpredictability of uncertainty and risk experiencing the pure joy of what is or can be, all because you choose to!

Choose to Live Your Life Today… WHY NOT!?


Photo of Dylan and Corabelle Bird, Vancouver BC. Too cute not to share!


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