A lot of us have never experienced what it is like to have, let’s say a doctor, tell us that our days are numbered. That we only have a certain amount of time left to live our lives. This makes me think however, that technically and obviously we all have an expiry date. We just have no idea when it is. So why not do the things we are passionate about with the people we love?!

I was pleasantly surprised when I happened to see this t-shirt in a store the other week. Bright yellow in color with the acronym of YOLO. Curiosity lead me to giggle while reading the small print, ‘You Only Live Once’. I thought to myself ‘Brilliant! I have to take a picture of this to share with everyone.’ As I continued to smile, it reminded me that everyone’s story has a beginning and will eventually have an end. The really cool thing about all this though, is that many of our stories are intertwined. I love doing little things for the people around me and yesterday I was happy to buy waters for the ladies who so diligently cleaned the very busy girls washroom at the Calgary Stampede. As mentioned a few blogs ago ‘Why Not?!’ be spontaneous, considerate and appreciative. We only have one life to live right?

So I ask you now whether you live your life knowing that it will be the only one you have!

YOLO – You Only Live Once



2 Comments on “YOLO

  1. Its not that easy
    I’ve had 7 biopsies so far, each one left a bigger emotional scar than the previous one. Every two hour trip to the city for the test results was time to reflect on what is truly important in a persons life, Only a fool would choose Fame and Fortune over Family and Friends. It has become far to easy to judge a persons worth or self worth on nothing more than shiny paint! This is where it gets difficult, which person gets more respect in a sales office? the person that screwed over their own family and has shiny new equipment or the person that has older gear and helps out their family and friends when it’s needed. The reality of this is very sad! It’s going to take great leaders to change. YOLO you must look beyond the shiny paint to see the true colors of a persons heart

  2. YOLO “You Only Live Once” – This is a cute phrase which is being used more and more often as a justification for one’s actions. I’m all in agreement with this as long as people continue to do sane, helpful actions that bring joy or hope to others. Random acts of kindness are fantastic. In answer to your question: I DO NOT live my life knowing that it will be the only one I have. I like to think that I’m doing the best that I can this lifetime and am busy planning what I would like to do next lifetime. Like other living plants and animals on this planet, the circle of life continues, and although my body may expire at anytime, spiritually I’m ready for the next adventure. Hmmm… Should I be a boy or a girl, a scientist…? Maybe we need a new expression – SUNL – See you next lifetime.

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