Five Girls, Five Rings, Five Years

How often do we catch ourselves making a comment about time passing us by, and in most cases faster than we’d like? Our lives are busy with things to do, people to visit and places to go. As you may already know I am a big advocate for ‘living live to it’s fullest’. I see success in those who work hard and happiness in those who appreciate. Being spontaneous is always fun and staying honest is imperative. All things that I have learned from two very special people in my life. It is with an affectionate heart that I reflect on the past five years, as it seems almost surreal and somewhat ironic. As the eldest of five farm girls who persevered through the misfortune of loosing our beloved parents five years ago, I am reminded of how lucky we are to have had the opportunity to learn from, to grow with and to love our parents for the time we did.

It brings a tearful smile to my face when thinking about all the triumphs and treasured memories created since 2007. We have celebrated two high school graduations, one Olds College graduation and two weddings. Our time working together on the farm and the many evenings spent with family and friends offered us a sense of stability and encouragement. I am proud of all my sisters for becoming independent young women who have begun their journeys towards achieving their dreams.

Five Girls, Five Rings, Five Years

20120823-224944.jpgSymbolic in more ways than one. These rings are rose gold because mom loved roses, the pattern reminds us of a head of barley because of our family farming roots and there is always a little diamond in the rough. We chose to engrave ‘Dargis Girl’ on the inside because we have been titled as ‘The Five Dargis Girls’ since the youngest, Jeanelle, was born. A sisterhood who fought and played like all normal siblings do. However, I am certain that we hold an extra closeness because of the way we’ve supported each other in the past five years. Something that doesn’t always happen between family members when someone passes away.

I found it suiting that in Nicky Minaj’s song Moment 4 Life she sings:
I fly with the stars in the skies
I am no longer tryin’ to survive
I believe that life is a prize
But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive

We choose to celebrate life as it was in the past, as it is in the present and as it may be in the future. It was our parents who taught us how to be alive, within ourselves and with the people around us. I am certain that we still see parts of them everyday because we are their living legacy.


10 Comments on “Five Girls, Five Rings, Five Years

  1. Hey girl, just thought I would drop you a line and say way to go girls!!!! Your parents are always with you all and every step you take in life should be proud and so are we luv you Matante Bernie & Mitch

  2. Charles and I are very proud of you girls and what you’ve accomplished in the past five years.Keep up the good work. I still say ( some of these years one Of you will win the Noble prize for peace and agriculture.) Bless your sole dear girls.
    Lovbe from uncle and auntie (Charles and Eveline Dargis).

  3. Leona, you are so talented! Every one of you girls has amazing talents that seem to keep surpassing the last. Your Mom and Dad are always there for you. They loved you, still do and always will! Congratulations on all your achievements and for sticking together when the going got rough! Love you girls! (Samantha and Greg Weppler)

  4. So proud of you! … This one brought a tear to my eye. It’s difficult losing those that you love… & it takes maturity to grow with such a lose. Continue to reach for the stars… we’re all behind you.

  5. Hey Leona,
    Wow! What you’ve articulated in that post is quite extraordinary and powerful. I too have lost both parents – one when I was 17 and the other at 25, and both completely unexpected. I’m now 28 and am immensely close to my 25yo brother, Austin. I have had my share of times when ‘living life to the fullest’ has seemed too hard but your post is a great reminder to everyone that really, we must get out there and get amongst it. Live, live, live!
    Well done mate. You’re quite the inspiration.

  6. You wrote a beautiful entry. You girls would make any parents proud!!! I am sure your mom and dad are smiling down on all of you every day 🙂

  7. I have a great respect for you, both because of knowing you and what I have learned about you, and for your sisters whom I do not know, but just know about. But it had to start with your parents who instilled the right values and love of life in you, and I admire them greatly for having done that. Their legacy lives on!

  8. Ladies,
    I still have the Furrow 2011 magazine in my possession. I turned 71 this year and was over whelemed with emotion and still am everytime I read the article. I hope that my wife and I have instelled the same or similar values in our children as you all possess. You are an example to all. God bless all of you. Chris

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