Apathetic Airport

As this afternoon slowly passed by, I found myself waiting longer than expected for a silly Air Canada flight to Winnipeg and as I was standing near the wall, nonchalantly watching people walk by, there was this one gentlemen who happened to drop his newspaper. I was standing near a couple other older gentlemen who apparently weren’t so ‘gentleman like’ because neither of them picked up the paper to give it back to the man who accidentally dropped it. Within a split second I thought about doing it myself but since I was all dressed up (and in high heels may I add) I assumed that surely one of them would take an initiative to do this ‘good deed’. But no. Instead one continued to read his newspaper and the other said to me “Oh he’s too far now.” Too far my butt!! The man walking by was maybe only 30 feet away. So I shook my head in slight disappointment and murmured “No it’s NOT too late.” I picked up my carry-on bag and the neglected newspaper and somewhat raced to catch up to the man who by this time was no more than 50 feet away. I started to laugh at myself because here I was attempting to sprint wearing a skirt in my ‘high heels’ holding the news paper in front of me as if I was in some movie desperately trying to return something to… let’s say for the sake of Hollywood romance… the guy of my dreams thus leading to our happily ever after! (Now I’d like to say for the record that this ‘newspaper dropping man’ was a little old for me. Haha ok well you know what I mean!) The man was appreciative that I returned his paper and I proceeded to return to the waiting area.

I was disappointed at first but then thought to myself that maybe I made some sort of difference by setting an example! Have you ever thought about how your reaction/attitude influences the people around you? Think about it for a second. You will always get in return what you give, right?! For example when you walk down the street or through an airport and you smile to those who pass you, you will most likely get a smile in return. I’m not saying this happens all the time but it happens most of the time.

I ask you this, “When will you lead by setting the right example?”

Have a nice day and don’t forget to smile!

PS – I think the London 2012 Paralympics are wonderful in every way! What a privilege to represent your country in such a competitive and inspiring atmosphere. I wish every athlete good luck over the next 11 days!


One Comment on “Apathetic Airport

  1. Leona, you were just doing what Jesus taught us. “What you do for the least of these you do for me”. Have a great day!

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