Africa Bound

The time has come and I am beyond thrilled to be jetsetting to the culturally diverse continent of AFRICA. For the next month I will be visiting three countries: Zambia for a conference, Tanzania for a safari and Kenya for a mission.

Many of us talk about safaris, desserts and wild animals like lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras when discussing Africa. (Reminds me of these movie characters that ‘like to move it, move it’!). However when thinking about our current challenges/opportunities of providing food for the future how many of us think of Africa playing a major role?

After 10 months of planning for the 25th Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC – conference in Livingstone Zambia, my adventure will begin with a 10 day pre-conference tour. As the Next Generation Forum Leader and am looking forward to facilitating creative discussion with a group of 60+ young agricultural leaders from around the world.

I can not express my enthusiasm to meet and live with the people who live this colorful, cultural and climatic life. Be sure to stay tuned for pictures and stories. I expect to learn more than just a few lessons and for all this I can not believe the time has come.


4 Comments on “Africa Bound

  1. Hi Leona,

    Sounds like a lot of Nuffielders are heading to Africa. Steve and his family are going to Kenya and I’m spending a good part of October in TZ, partly work, mainly fun. I am heading over with a friend who works part time on some economic development projects. If you let me know when you’ll be in TZ, maybe our paths might cross.


    Karen Daynard

    KD Communications


    Phone: (519) 836-2583

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