InsideOutProject Zambia 2012

I must begin with saying that Africa is a place that you will not fully understand until you’ve traveled here and visited with its people. I say this because I have been pleasantly surprised with my time in Zambia and Tanzania thus far and am looking forward to learning about the Maasai people in Kenya. I believe that Africa’s global role in food sustainability will be lead by the many aspiring young leaders who envision a future of change towards prosperity and stability.

Although I have many new exciting stories to share with you, I am particularity proud of a special InsideOut Project. A selected group of young leaders in agriculture traveled from all parts of the world, met in Zambia and toured the county side together near Lusaka. These individuals have shared their experiences while discovering new friendships.

On Sept 21, 2012 a group of 45 young agricultural leaders from 8 different countries traveled to Zambia to exchange ideas and share experiences. Together they visited Anna Nawa’s Village and were inspired to see the positive impact in creating a global network of young leaders. It is because of such networks that Anna was able to share her gained knowledge in vegetable production to those in her community. A motto here in Zambia, ‘No Farming. No Food. No Future.’

These next generation leaders were proud to participate in JR’s InsideOut Project:
‘A showcase of the future faces of Agriculture. We are globally connected and passionate about creating a sustainable agricultural industry. We are CHANGEMAKERS through Innovation and Education.’


Anna Nawa and her beautiful Zambian family!

I am extremely happy with our YouTube Video and thrilled to see all the views it’s received thus far!

Video Made By: Leona Dargis
Music: ‘We Found Love’ Cover by Lindsey Stirling


4 Comments on “InsideOutProject Zambia 2012

  1. Great job Ona!! You are truly a great agricultural advocate.We are so proud of you.Keep up the good work.

  2. This is a great video, leona you are a good agro ambassador, am glad to have been part of the ended RASC conference.

  3. Leona! I will always remember you as “THE GIRL WHO DANCES LIKE NOBODY’S WATCHING”! You are such an inspiration in so many ways! I myself need to dance more like nobody’s watching! Your enthusiasm and zest for life is FANTASTIC! 🙂

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