January Jilt

As our Journey Continues in 2013, I thought it would be suiting to feature a few short stories of the amazing things people are doing to ring in the New Year!

A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit. The following ideas could be a part of a New Year’s Resolution or maybe a Bucket List. Either way I think it is a great idea to do such wonderful things and as often as we can! Here’s to a January Jilt…

January Jilt

These 7 things were inspired by a range of special people in my life.

‘Learn Something New’ I treasure sharing stories over a cup of tea with my dear neighbours Pierre and Lil. I learn something new every time! How precious is it talking about the good ol’ days and only being able to imagine what it was like. When was the last time you visited with the wise and elderly?

‘Donate Blood’ A couple weeks ago my sisters, Jeanelle and Suzanne, donated blood at a clinic held at the University of Alberta. I think we all have good intentions of donating blood however few of us actually make the time to do it. I encourage you to take a couple minutes right now to check out www.blood.ca and make an appointment. Maybe you can recruit a couple family members or friends to join you. It will be a great experience and I promise you they will even give you a treat when you’re done!

‘Make a Snow Angel’ Winter can be fun if you make it fun! I was so excited to have friends from Australia join my family and I for Christmas this year. One of my favourite parts was playing in the snow including an afternoon of tobogganing and since the snow was not sticky enough to make a snowman we made our own real life size snow angels! A Canadian tradition of warming up by the fireplace while sipping on hot chocolate, complete with little marshmallows, made for the perfect warm winter day!

‘Take a Friend out to Lunch’ We all have people we look up to and who influence us in our lives. I have a handful of friends I consider as mentors and last week I was happy to catch-up with a family friend who I call Yoda. As Reg and I enjoyed lunch, we shared many stories from the past and our most recent adventures. I strongly believe that we become like the people we surround ourselves with. How often do you focus on spending a lunch hour with someone you connect with and may seek guidance from? Maybe this is something we can all make an effort to do more often this year.

‘Volunteer’ A few weeks ago I volunteered as a Free The Children Ambassador to promote their Me to We Trips at Nelly Furtado’s concert in Calgary. Nelly fell in love with Kenya and in 2011 she generously donated $1 million to Free The Children to invest in girls’ education. It was natural for me to speak to many concert goers that evening about the great initiatives available through Me to We as I have participated in their Adult Trip to Kenya last October. It was no doubt a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a little something special in an adventurous vacation. (PS – You don’t have to be Canadian to go on a trip either!)

‘Smile Each and Everyday’ Turn that frown upside down! Smile at yourself in the mirror and feel the energy you give to yourself in confidence and pure happiness!

‘Music = Dance’ It’s simple, dancing is necessary and if I hear a good song I will begin to dance. It does not have to be all acrobatic or show stopping well… not all the time… but it does mean living in the moment! Why not dance in your seat while driving or while shopping for clothes or in the kitchen while cooking?!

February is here soon so let’s make the most of giving January a Jilt! Have a Wonderful day everyone!


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