Best Ugly – Bagels

One of the first things that most flight passengers do once they’ve sat down and buckled themselves in is glance through the in-flight magazine. I was on-board multiple Air New Zealand flights last week and I was continuously drawn to this one page feature on the Best Ugly Bagels, a Montreal-style bagel outlet located in a converted downtown workshop in Auckland. I thought to myself, I gotta check this out!

So here I am, sitting in this trendy yet rustic warehouse baking space where more than a thousand authentic hand-made bagels are made daily. The atmosphere in this place is insane! Classic tunes from the oldies fill the air along with team members continually communicating orders as the line-up of no less then 20 people stays constant. Once your order is ready, your name will be called out and your senses are immediately consumed with the delights found before you.

As I ate my T.A.B (Tomato, Avocado & Basil) on a Sesame Bagel which I deliciously devoured, I witnessed something special. Two young boys were invited behind the counter to help roll a piece of dough into their very own bagels. How cool is that?! Everyone had a smile on their face and looked like they were having fun. (Can you spot them in the photos bellow?)

I admired Best Ugly’s simple yet tasteful menu options and what was even more impressive was their support of kiwi (aka New Zealand) businesses in supplying all the toppings from clover honey to salmon and peanut butter to cream cheese. Everything came from NZ!

I appreciated this mornings venture to not only satisfy my curiosity but to create spontaneous experiences. We only live once, and even if its something you saw in a magazine check it out! I’m glad I did!

Best Ugly - Bagels


3 Comments on “Best Ugly – Bagels

  1. Great Story! Thank you for all of the updates. Leona – you have a way of understanding/capturing what is going on around you. Thank you for sharing your life experiences, always interesting and thought provoking!

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