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Fear of change keeps us from planning for the future. So why not embrace it and strive to make the most of every opportunity.          – Leona Dargis

As you may or may not already know I have four beautiful younger sisters and we grew-up on a mixed family farm in Northeastern Alberta. Alongside our beloved parents, we were taught the values of hard work & team work, respect & responsibility, pride & passion and most importantly appreciation. As a result, I take great pride in the work I do and am genuinely happy when quadding on the ranch amongst the cattle or watching the sun set from a combine cab.

When asked by MNP if my sisters and I would be willing to share the story about our parents in video format, I thought to myself “What purpose would it have?” and after thinking about it for a while we agreed to the task. It is my hope that in sharing a part of our story that it helps encourage people to be proactive when it comes to completing their wills and planning their estates. (I must be honest though, I did feel a bit like the Canadian Bachelorette when filming the video with all bright lights, walking around the farm and gazing into the distance.) Enjoy!

MNP Video Collage

MNP provides tailored expertise in accounting, consulting, tax, and a wide range of business advisory services including TransitionSmart™ which offers guidance in succession planning for your family and farm. Feel free to visit their website at and Take The Assessment for free online. Over the next couple of months, I will be speaking to MNP clients about our personal story of tragedy. transition and triumph across Western Canada.

When I completed my Nuffield Study on Succession Planning, I learned that one of the biggest challenges that most families face is that they do not communicate with each other as well as they should and were scared of potential conflict/change. A few words of advice; I encourage everyone to reflect on the many things to be grateful for and ask yourself “If I die today, will my family (and farm) be ok tomorrow?” If the answer is no or you’re not sure then now is a good time to start thinking about the “What if…” situations. With Christmas right around the corner, families will reunite and I am certain that having these discussions with your loved ones will be of value. I promise that you will be glad you did because if something were to happen then at least you took the chance to share your wishes and show them your gratitude and love.

To read more about Succession Planning download a copy of my Nuffield Report here.


5 Comments on “MNP – TransitionSmart™

  1. Leona – inspirational – you must have had mixed emotions in doing this. It is amazing how many farmers don’t have a plan for the future or believe that their Will will take care of it for them.

  2. So wonderful to watch! You and all the girls are heros of mine, Leona. I am really pleased to be able to share this with farmers in NZ – hopefully we’ll have you back down here again soon xx

  3. Beautiful Leona. Your parents would be proud. What an amazing legacy! Michael and Shannon Karczmarczyk

  4. Very well done Leona and yes your parents would be very proud. I am a distant family member that visited when you all had the 75th anniversary and was fortunate to meet many family members.

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