Kind Words From A Stranger

Today, I experienced a pleasantly surprising encounter with a stranger and it made me think. When was the last time you approached someone you didn’t know to tell them they have a nice smile or that you liked their shoes?

Earlier this afternoon, as Pepere and I stopped at a Flying J in Montana on our road trip home from Phoenix, a young man put his hand on my shoulder and told me “I just had to come tell you that you are gorgeous!”
I thanked him while immediately feeling flabbergasted. I wasn’t wearing any makeup, my hair was in a simple side braid and I thought to myself ‘Wow, what a kind compliment in exchange for a simple smile.’

“We may never know all the good a simple smile can do.” Mother Theresa

Of course this random act of kindness made my day and will be a memory that will boost my confidence every time I replay the moment in my mind. So how about a challenge for you? Let’s all make a conscious effort to interact with each other more. You can start with a simple smile and then perhaps gain the courage to approach a complete stranger and tell them something that will surprise them (in a good way), make them laugh or give them a boost of self confidence that may just last a lifetime!

GoodLuck, Leona 🙂


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