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From crowds of 20 to 2,000, Léona has traveled around the world to share her inspirational story of adversity and perseverance. Her positive attitude is highly contagious as she reminds you that we only have one life to live. Today, Léona’s role as a keynote speaker grows. Her heartfelt and very realistic perspective is sure to capture any audience and offer a unique reflective experience.

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Events: Conferences, Seminars, Annual General Meetings, Evening Banquets, Customer Appreciation & Community Events
Inspirational/Motivational Topics: Adversity, Agriculture, Leadership, Succession Planning, Women Empowerment, Youth Engagement, Mentorship, Networking, Volunteering, Community, Communication, & Careers
(Presentations are fully customizable and can be 30 mins – 2 hrs)


Life is What You Make It – After the passing of her parents in 2007, Leona along with her four younger sisters succeeded their mixed farming operation of 4,000 head and 7,000 acres; all the while continuing to pursue their education. As an Agri-Business graduate of Olds College, Léona has developed her leadership skills and gained knowledge, as well as connections, within the agricultural industry of around the world. Today, Léona’s role as a keynote speaker grows. She leads by setting an example and will share her experiences that exemplify how to take unimaginable change, adapt to it and succeed. Her heartfelt and very realistic perspective is sure to capture her audiences and offer a unique reflective experience.

The Role of (Women/the Next Generation) in Agriculture Around the World – How does traveling to 12 countries spread across 5 continents in the past 4 years sound to you? Crazy, yes but for Leona Dargis this is only a chapter in her life as she globe trots her way into spectacular agricultural communities learning about diversified cultures and traditions. As a farm girl born and raised in rural Alberta, she developed a keen interest in agricultural education and awareness. Since graduating from Olds College, she was chosen to represent young farmers from across the nation on the Canadian Young Farmers Forum and today she represents the next generation across the globe on the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth. Her presentation will take you on a trip around the world and perhaps just leave you thinking that what matters the most in life are the things that are right in front of you.

Success in Succession Planning – In 2011, Leona was selected as one of the three prestigious Canadian Nuffield Scholars. This enabled her to study the topic of succession planning and farm diversification around the world. She traveled to countries such as: India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Today, Léona’s role as a young agricultural ambassador grows. She will talk about the fundamentals of developing healthy relationships within the family and farm business. She speaks from experience and is passionate about celebrating life as it was in the past, as it is in the present and as it will be in the future. With a powerful message, she hopes to influence farm families to take a proactive approach in planning their estates. What’s your legacy?

Empowerment, Engagement & Entrepreneurship within your Local Show Society – Through her 7 years experience with the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth, Leona has attended agricultural shows around the world from the big city of Sydney, Australia to the rural landscape in India. Join in on the conversation about: Empowering board members, staff, volunteers and the next generation through active leadership, Engaging community members and visitors through innovative ideas, and Entrepreneurship through building strategic partnerships and global networks. In sharing her perspective, Leona will help inspire you to think of new ways to improve and grow your local show.

Social Leadership in your Community -How do we break down the barriers and overcome the challenges of engaging in social media while effectively driving social change in our communities? To engage and empower the people around you exemplifies your ability to be a leader. What is your cause? Why should others be a part of it? Learn from Leona’s global adventures on how one idea can help influence your community and have the world join you online.

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June 2013 – ACCC Ideas Uncorked Convention – Penticton, BC


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